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Live Matrix™ Launches To Public As First Complete Guide to Live Events On The Web
New Service Opens Beta, Facilitates Discovery of Live, Scheduled Events, Drives Participants to Live Event Providers

Los Angeles, September 13, 2010
Live Matrix, the guide to “What’s When on the
Web,”™ today announced the public launch of its Web application. Live Matrix is the first
comprehensive online guide for all live and scheduled events on the Web. The service is
now generally available to publishers, event organizers, and individual users.

Millions of scheduled online events take place daily on a global basis across all media types and
industries. According to comScore, 1.4 billion minutes of live video were watched in July 2010
in the US — up 648% compared to a year ago — and the average live-streamed video view is 7%
longer than the average online video view.

And while live-streamed video has experienced phenomenal growth, the Live Web encompasses
a lot more than just live video. Every day there are millions of scheduled auctions, for example.
Private sales and daily deal sites have also seen phenomenal growth in both audience and

Live Matrix is a guide for all scheduled events on the Web, including:

• Live online video Webcasts

• Audio Webcasts

• Time-limited sales, offers, and auctions

• Events in virtual worlds

• Scheduled gaming events

• Tournaments and contests

• Product launches, site launches, and other online announcements

Live Matrix facilitates the discovery of all of these live scheduled events on the Web and delivers
participants to the live event providers’ sites.  

“It would be incredibly difficult to navigate 1,000 channels of digital television without an
interactive program guide. The same goes for the Web, which has hundreds of thousands more
channels. The need for a guide to scheduled online events is clear, and the timing is perfect given
the level of broadband penetration and the millions of daily scheduled events now happening
online. We believe that the Scheduled Web is the natural progression from the real-time Web
and that Live Matrix is uniquely valuable to consumers, event providers, online publishers and
advertisers alike,” said Sanjay Reddy, co-founder and CEO of Live Matrix.

During its invite beta period over the last three months, Live Matrix focused on learning from
users and publishers alike, fine-tuning the system and interface and adding new integrations with
services like Facebook, Twitter and Plancast. In addition, Live Matrix has dramatically increased
the volume of content in the system, and is now indexing and presenting upwards of 100K live
events a week, with more being added.

The company has also built out particularly unique and strategically valuable schedules in areas
like shopping, where Live Matrix is today the most comprehensive single source for what’s on
sale when, across the leading private sale and auction sites.

On the distribution front, Live Matrix is working directly with marquee publishers and event
producers to facilitate wide dissemination of live, online and scheduled event listings across the
Web’s most popular sites and services. Publishers that participate in the Live Matrix Network
can make use of free widgets from Live Matrix on their sites to promote their own events, and to
provide embedded schedules of events of interest to their users.

Publishers and event providers that make their live, online and scheduled events available to Live
Matrix receive a number of benefits, including:

• Free promotion via the Live Matrix portal and network of partner sites

• A Web-based CMS for publishing their own online event schedules

• Easy-to-share widgets for seamlessly promoting live, online events

• Free use of new reminder and social capabilities to increase audience participation

• Coming soon: Access to analytics around audience demand and capacity planning

“The Live Web is quite different from TV. Live events on the Web are interactive. In order to
participate in these events, you have to be there when they start. Some kinds of online events,
such as sports, breaking news, and product launches, are highly perishable. Their content gets
less relevant over time, an important pain point for publishers. There are also many live online
events, such as big online concerts or major sporting events, where sharing the experience with
other people is a key element. In all these cases, people need a way to find out about these
upcoming online events in a timely fashion. This is the need that Live Matrix addresses. If Google
indexes Web pages, or space, Live Matrix indexes Web events, or time. We’re the program guide
for what’s happening on the Live Web,” said co-founder, Nova Spivack. is open to the public today, and is actively working with partners and content
producers to make participation in live Web events a more seamless experience for audiences
around the world. Anyone is welcome to sign up for an account here.