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Dear Live Matrix users,

We have very exciting news to share. Today, we have announced that we have been acquired by OVGuide, the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to online video with content from over 6,000 sources. Over the last few months, we had been in talks with OVGuide that started with discussions about a potential commercial partnership. As we got to know the OVGuide team better, and as our conversations evolved, it quickly became evident that the two companies were very complimentary. Both companies are focused on providing the best guidance experience to enable users to search and discover online content. With a shared vision, we believe that our two companies’ teams along with our data, technology, traffic and syndication assets can combine to create the most complete guidance solution for users looking to engage with online video.

We believe that this is a great move for Live Matrix, our investors, and, of course, our users. As part of the deal, Sanjay Reddy takes over as CEO of the combined companies and Live Matrix will continue to operate as it did pre-acquisition. 

When we first started Live Matrix, we set out to achieve two major goals. The first was simple - how do we find out what is going on online at any point in time?  The second was the stretch goal - how do we become a ubiquitous guidance solution for the Web in the same way that TV Guide is synonymous with guidance for TV programming?  We believe that the deal with OVGuide will help us complete the first goal in the near term and provides the platform to accelerate our achieving the second goal.

With all of this excitement, we want to take a moment to thank you, our amazing users.  Because of your support, we have been able to make Live Matrix into what it is today and we want to thank you very much for that. We’re going to keep working hard on making Live Matrix the most complete guide to the Live Web. We still have a long way to go, but we feel that OVGuide is the perfect partner to help us deliver on our vision. 

Sanjay & Nova



Live Matrix is the first guide to live and upcoming scheduled events on the Web. We link you to anything that has a start time and can be attended online: audio and video webcasts, live chats, limited-time sales and auctions, conferences, product launches, games and contests, events in virtual worlds, and much more.

Conceived by two visionary veterans of new media, Nova Spivack and Sanjay Reddy, Live Matrix organizes the real time Web into three time segments - future, past and present - and enables the birth of the Scheduled Web. It's the first schedule of "What's When on the Web."™


"Most Promising Media Concept" by NBC's Peacock Equity when the site debuted at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in New York City, in May 2010."



Sanjay Reddy

"The vision begins with a question: It would be incredibly difficult to navigate 1,000 channels on digital television without an interactive program guide to tell you when programming is on, so how can you navigate a ton more "channels," across a lot more than video, on the Web without a guide? Traditional search engines index the space component of the Web and tell you what is where, while Live Matrix is indexing the time dimension of the Web - by telling you What's When on the Web. The need for a guide to scheduled online events is obvious and the timing is perfect given the level of broadband penetration, the declining cost of bandwidth, the growth of broadband connected devices and the millions of daily scheduled events online. We believe that the scheduled Web, which is proactive, is the natural progression from the real time Web, which is currently reactive, and that the Live Matrix solution will be valuable to consumers, event providers, online publishers and advertisers."

Sanjay Reddy, co-founder and CEO of Live Matrix, was most recently the SVP, Business Development & Strategic Planning for Gemstar-TV Guide International, where he headed up all business development, mergers & acquisitions and strategy for Gemstar and oversaw its sale to Macrovision in 2008 for $2.8 billion in cash and stock. He joined Gemstar-TV Guide in 2004 with broad media, technology and deal experience having worked in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, the finance industry on Wall Street and the technology industry in Silicon Valley.

Prior to joining Gemstar-TV Guide, Sanjay was a VP in the M&A group at Salomon Smith Barney on Wall Street, served as VP, Corporate Development for Covad Communications, a publicly traded DSL company based in Silicon Valley, and was a principal in a startup in the animation industry.

Sanjay is also a digital media expert who has advised a range of new media companies including My Damn Channel, an online original comedy platform; Pixsy, a multimedia search company; and Resistor Productions, a MMORPG game company, and currently serves on the board of BuddyTV, the Web's largest independent TV site. He has also served as a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences National Primetime Emmy Awards Committee and on its Interactive Media Peer Group's executive committee. Sanjay earned a bachelor's degree, magna cum laude in economics, from Cornell University and an MBA from UCLA.

Nova Spivack

"The ‘aha moment’ came when I realized that there are huge numbers of live scheduled events happening online every week, but there is no way to find out about them efficiently.”

“The Live Web is quite different from TV. Many live events on the Web are interactive and participatory for example live chats, sales and auctions, game tournaments, and events in virtual worlds. In order to participate fully, or in some cases, at all, in these events, you have to be there when they start. And this requires a way for people to find out about these events in advance – there needs to be some kind of a schedule of upcoming online events. In addition, some kinds of online events are highly perishable, their content gets less relevant over time -- for example, breaking news, sports highlights, product launches or announcements all get stale after a while so finding out about them in a timely fashion is imperative. There are also many live online events, such as big online concerts or major sporting events, where sharing the experience with other people is a key element; watching archived recordings of such events after they are over is not the same as attending and Twittering about them live with your friends.”

“Just as television has its TV Guide, there is a growing need for a schedule of live content and events on the Web. That is the need which Live Matrix addresses.”

Nova Spivack, co-founder of Live Matrix, is a top thought leader on the future of the Web and a leading pioneer in Semantic Web technology. Nova was most recently the founder and CEO of Radar Networks, the makers of Twine.com (a semantic search engine acquired by Evri, Inc. in 2010), and is a serial entrepreneur whose previous ventures have included one of the first Web companies, EarthWeb (IPO in 1998; now Dice.com), which Nova co-founded in 1994, SRI’s technology venture incubator nVention, and his own early stage startup factory, Lucid Ventures. Prior to EarthWeb, Nova worked in technology ventures like Kurzweil, Individual Inc., and Thinking Machines in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Nova has authored more than 30 granted and pending patents. He attended Oberlin College and later earned a degree from the International Space University, a NASA-funded business school for the space industry. In 1999, he flew to the edge of space in Russia to help pioneer the early days of space tourism with Space Adventures.

Nova consults for global corporations, governments and non-profits, advises startups and venture funds on technology strategy, and angel invests, most recently in Klout.com, which provides social analytics for Twitter and Facebook.

Nova speaks and writes widely on the future of the Web and has co-authored several books on Internet strategy, collective intelligence, and Web technology. He blogs at http://novaspivack.com and can be followed on Twitter as @novaspivack.




  • Allen Morgan: Venture partner at Mayfield Ventures; Director at Idealab
  • Chris Kelly: Former Chief Privacy Officer of Facebook
  • Irish Technology Capital: Board includes Macrovision founder John Ryan & John Hartnett (Handspring/Palm)
  • Len Kleinrock: Distinguished Prof. of CS at UCLA; a "Father of the Internet;” seed investor in AOL
  • Paige Craig: LA based angel investor; CEO, BetterWorks
  • Steve Kay: Former General Counsel, Gemstar-TV Guide; partner, Hogan Lovells
  • Stuart Goldstein: Head of technology investment banking at Moelis & Co.
  • Lori Taylor: CEO, REV Media Marketing
  • Rich Battista: Ex-CEO, Gemstar-TV Guide; former President, Fox Cable Network
  • Edgar Fereira: Former CTO, TV Guide Online and TV Guide Data Solutions